holiday photo props

As I’m sure many of you do, I love Pinterest. I search for all sorts of things on the image sharing site, and find many things I wasn’t looking for either. This is one of those things. In preparation for the Christmas holidays this year, I put together some fun holiday themed photo props that I found from Oh Happy Day via Pinterest. They were a hit with the family and produced some very comical photos!


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tod mountain ranch


August 2014 was a busy month for me, perhaps even busier than August 2013 which was the final month before my wedding. This August was full of other wedding related activities such as bachelorette parties, bridal shower and dress fittings for two of my best friends. It’s been a blast to say the least.

The most recent bachelorette party of the two took place at Tod Mountain Ranch near Sun Peaks in BC’s interior.  This dude ranch, which we came to learn was used often in the past to describe a guest ranch (as they are called now), that primarily catered to urbanites or ‘city slickers’, was a setting for what was a great bachelorette getaway. The ranch is situated in the Louis Creek Valley whose surrounding mountains provided incredibly scenic views. The cozy cabins feature hade-made wooden furniture and offer luxuries such as a mini fridge and super soft housecoats.  The main lodge includes a giant square table where guests can sit down with the hosts who provide full (and delicious) meals 3 times a day, a pool table, TV and DVD’s, games and more to entertain you between rides.  The lodge is open 24 hrs, which made it the perfect place for us to YouTube line dancing instructional videos and practice our skills at 1am.

The horses of course, steal the show.  You are matched up with a horse according to experience level, height and weight (and in my case at least it seemed, personality).  I had the pleasure of spending my time at the ranch with Charlie.  Charlie (seen above) was one of the newest horses at Tod Mountain, and the youngest in our group.  His need to be in the lead and his quick pace in combination with his stubbornness meant a perfect match.  We were both happy to take the first spot behind the wrangler, however Charlie’s stubbornness meant I often wandered off instead of waiting for the group to catch up.  By the second day we became fast friends and he seemed to enjoy the trail much more. Below is a collection of photos from our experience at Tod Mountain Ranch.
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speculoos (cookie butter) soft bake cookie recipe


I grew up eating dutch treats and foods of all kinds. One of the most popular among us first generation Canadians, were speculaas cookies. They are sooo darn good; I will forever have an addiction to those tasty treats. I was recently introduced to Speculoos cookie spread and what do you know.. there is a plethora of recipes that use it out there. Not only can you spread it on a piece of toast, but you can use it in a variety of desserts too!

The cookies above are super delish, soft and chewy. I followed the recipe from Averie Cooks – you can find it here.

storage love

For some reason I just love organizing my home. When I find a new way to keep my spices in the kitchen organized, a great new basket to hold my hair appliances in the bathroom, or a beautiful vintage glass canning jar to house my nail polish collection… I get excited. It may be weird. But it’s a good weird, right?

I found this beauty at the Village Antique Mall in Fort Langley. A gem where I’ve come across some of my favourite things. It sits perfectly atop my turquoise RÅSKOG cart from IKEA in our bedroom.



breakfast at mom’s.


One of my favourite weekend activities is visiting Mom. Going home once in awhile for some family time, yummy home cooked meals, board games and dog walks is essential to my happiness. This last weekend my aunt was visiting from Victoria, so we all spent the rainy weekend enjoying each others company nestled under blankets watching movies, playing board games and doing some shopping, all while dealing with an easily excitable post-spay puppy wearing a giant cone, and a jealous protective momma’s girl who growls to keep the puppy at bay.

It was lovely.

in the right place

Untitled design-1 (2)

From left to right.

Forest walk in Harrison Hot Springs.
Christmas tree sniffing at the office.
First snowfall enjoyment.
Riverside dog walk in Derby Reach.
Ocean tide splashing in Tofino.
Rest time, post snowshoe in North Van.
Frosty walk for breakfast and dog park fun.
Beach playtime at Harrison Lake.

the ocean

and let me breathe the salty air-3

There are times in my life when my soul craves the mountains, and there are times when it craves the sea.  In one month I’ll be storm watching on the west coast of Vancouver Island with some great friends.  Nature is a calming presence in my life, one of the few.  Being surrounded by the towering, majestic peaks of the Canadian Rockies is a feeling I wish I could describe accurately.  Although the mountains hold my heart, the sea sets it free.  I have had some breath-taking experiences on the Pacific Ocean, which is what inspired me to design the above quote.  I plan on sharing a few of these experiences over the next few months, while hopefully creating new ones.

First up, Tofino.


a new member of the family


Our darling Harlie has quickly become our baby girl since we picked her up in November. This new responsibility/playmate has eaten up a lot of our time lately, thus the lack of recent posts. Not that I mind though. I’ve wanted a dog of my own for years, and now that our wedding is over, and our lives have calmed down a bit, it seemed like the perfect time. No one can imagine the incredible love that emanates from that of a pet. It’s the best feeling in the world and everyone should have the chance to own a dog at least once in their life. I have been lucky enough to have three, so far.