mexican taco soup

Last summer my Mom and I attended an event at Township 7 Winery in South Langley, called Art in the Vines. With over 50 different artisans, artists and crafters, not to mention delicious Township 7 wines to taste, there was so much to see and even more that I was tempted to purchase. A new local Langley based family food company called, “Simply Delish Soup & Salad Co.” peaked my interests. I bought a very yummy lentil based soup that I devoured not long after purchasing, as well as tonight’s meal-to-be, Mexican Taco Soup – you can purchase it for yourself here. I finally decided that today was the day to try this one out. I’ve discovered that it’s incredible easy to make, and thus should have done so LONG ago. All you need is a slow cooker, one 28 oz. can of diced tomatoes, 2 cups of frozen corn, and one lb. of ground beef. We only have a mini slow cooker, which only fit about half of the recipe, and so I had to split the beautiful bag of beans, lentils & spices in half. Bonus – I get two meals out of it!

Mexican Taco Soup

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do all things with love

Much like Cathy G of Paper Projects, I too have been shut in at nights, braving the cold snowy Vancouver winter huddled in my cozy sweats with a portable heater aimed at my toes – making St. Valentine’s Day cards.

I recently picked up some new stamps from Micheal’s Craft Store; their $1.50 bins are the place I come upon my most favourite finds! I’ve used these, along side some vintage designs I found on ‘Pinterest’ and printed off. My Fiance has become quick friends with a little one named Sophia, and so I’ve been trying out different designs for him to choose the perfect card to gift her on February 14th. I’m sure the 6 month old will not know the difference, but it is the thought that counts anyways. He’s sweet that way.

Here is what I’ve been working on.

Do all things with Love.

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beer + chocolate

When you’re as big of a chocolate lover as I am you too will be looking for new and interesting things to mix with and add to it. In the debut edition of Foodie Crush, the same magazine that my Baked Pear French Toast recipe came from, I found a recipe for Guinness Brownies! How amazing does that sound? I knew I had to try them. This past weekend I spent a couple days with my Mom and Grandparents. We were expecting the arrival of my Aunt Mieke and other grandparents, I call Oma and Opa for a visit. I decided that this would be a great time to try out this recipe. Mostly I need an occasion to bake something. If I make something super yummy, but definitely not something my bootcamp instructor would approve of, it needs to be “for” someone or else my finance and I will consume it all ourselves. I apologize for the not so great quality photos. My phone was the nearest camera to me, and I’m still trying to make myself remember to photograph the stages. Continue reading

I’m no foodie, but…

Debut Issue

Today I tried out a new recipe. Not something I do a lot of, but once in awhile I have the urge and the confidence to try something new in the kitchen. I received a link to a brand new online foodie magazine before Christmas from a friend. There were so many delicious looking recipes inside I could not wait to cook one of them up for friends and family during the holiday break. Alas… I’ve just now gotten to it. The Magazine is called Foodie Crush, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for some new baking, cooking and drink ideas. The recipe I decided to try was one, “Baked Pear Vanilla French Toast”. Continue reading

recycling identity

Being a student in the Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management program at UNBC exposed me to many courses on sustainability, being “green”, as well as global climate change. I’ve always tried to do things as environmentally friendly as possible, which could be what has dictated my crafting identity. Most of the greeting cards that I make are made from cards that I have received over the years. I have always loved getting mail, not bills and junk mail of course, but letters and greetings from friends and family. I have however, never been a huge fan of cards. I mean after your birthday is over, or the Christmas season has come to an end, what do you do with them? I usually feel that they need to be kept and not thrown away as there are kind sentiments written into each one and someone put a lot of thought into writing and sending them to me. However, I find that it’s a shame to keep them hidden in a drawer for no one to see and for me to forget about until the next holiday comes along when I have a whole new pile to add to the drawer. This I believe is why I decided to use these beautiful pieces of card to make new creations. I do hope that I do not offend anyone by chopping up the card they sent me, but I see it as a form of recycling. Making new things out of the old gives me a sense of renewal. It may not be as big as bringing your old electronics to the recycle depot or composting your kitchen waste, but I do stand by the recycling aspect of it all.

Christmas card captions

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holidays, past

I realize that this is either too late or much too early, but I thought I would share some projects I put together for a Halloween Murder Mystery party I hosted in October 2011. We got a game, set the date, invited the suspects, assigned characters and cooked up some spooky treats. Here are some photos from the night.

Mini Vodka Crystal Skull and Paper cupcake sticks

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a new edition

The newest tool I now have in my collection is by far my most favourite. The ability to easily cut rounded corners without spending odious amounts of time with the scissors is something I now cannot do without! This little tool that costs a mere $5 should have been purchased a long long time ago.

The little green number is a Paper Shapers Corner Adorner, purchased from Wal Mart for $5. For a little bit more money you can get the fancy Fiskars version at any Michaels craft store. The Fiskars corner punch has two different sizes built into one. Handy.. but I have found it to be more difficult to use and the cutting to be less accurate. For the price and incredible ease of use, I recommend Paper Shapers. Continue reading

cheers to the blog

As a recent graduate and bride-to-be living on the west coast, I find myself making, baking and picture taking a lot in my spare time. Working in the tourism industry has fostered my creativity and the urgency of planning a wedding that is now only a year and a half away has got me constantly hunting for new and interesting DIY blogs all over the internet. As I seem to be spending more and more time making crafts, baking and cooking, photographing my life and hunting for antiques, I have decided to record my triumphs and tribulations for you to learn from and laugh at.

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Cheers, and enjoy!