do all things with love

Much like Cathy G of Paper Projects, I too have been shut in at nights, braving the cold snowy Vancouver winter huddled in my cozy sweats with a portable heater aimed at my toes – making St. Valentine’s Day cards.

I recently picked up some new stamps from Micheal’s Craft Store; their $1.50 bins are the place I come upon my most favourite finds! I’ve used these, along side some vintage designs I found on ‘Pinterest’ and printed off. My Fiance has become quick friends with a little one named Sophia, and so I’ve been trying out different designs for him to choose the perfect card to gift her on February 14th. I’m sure the 6 month old will not know the difference, but it is the thought that counts anyways. He’s sweet that way.

Here is what I’ve been working on.

Do all things with Love.


I wanted to share links to some other Valentine’s Day card blogs and ideas that I love:

K Werner Designs

Martha Stewart


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