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86ff787549a1a8dd2f5c8dd619e6288fI’ve recently been inspired to do some organizing in my life.  Now I like organization, I like being organized, and I like boxes, bins, baskets, labels, and coordination, so when I came across this image on Pinterest of a great D.I.Y. box that you can use to keep all those tidbits that are collected in your pockets, wallets and luggage during a trip, I thought it was genius!  Working in the tourism industry, picking up maps, brochures and keeping ticket stubs has become kind of an addiction of mine.  Needless to say this project was very much needed.

So far I have only made one box for an upcoming trip I’m taking in the fall, but my list of past trips to make these for still includes: Japan, Haida Gwaii, and Hawaii.  The key is to find all the travel mementos that I have saved over the years first, as they are very much -not- organized at the moment.  Once I do I will definitely be making more of these boxes.  Ashley Paige’s recent Wanderlust Wednesdays post includes this and other great ideas for how to savour and display the keepsakes you’ve collected while traveling.  As you can see I also added the month and year that I visited the place (in this case, will visit) on the top of the lid, and obviously I painted it mint – my current most favourite colour!  I’d love to hear about ways you collect and store your travel memories!






6 thoughts on “travel memories

    • Thank you! I absolutely love maps, so there’s no doubt that it will be filled with those, as well as postcards, brochures and admission stubs etc from my honeymoon! I can’t wait to make the rest so I can stack them all together.

  1. Great idea! Thanks for sharing. I, too, have too many photos and have been looking for an interesting way to organize them without having to spend mass amounts of time scrap booking.

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