strolling in steveston

Last weekend BC experienced record high temperatures around the province.  I decided the best way to take advantage of the heat was to head to the beach.  Silly me I forgot that ocean winds mean I can barely see with a face full of my hair that’s being blown all over the place, and the chilly winds kept me in a zipped up sweater for most of the day.  Despite the wind, the Steveston area of Richmond, BC is beautiful.  I absolutely love the ocean and the little fishing town is full of enough character to keep you interested all day long.  PS I dumbly left the Canon in the car so it’s just smartphone photos today.


We parked at Garry Point Park and strolled through the trails, watched some amazing kites being flown, and children enjoying the sand.  Next we visited the Gulf of Georgia Cannery where we learned all about the area’s fishing industry and canning history.  It was super interesting and a really cool old factory that you get to explore.  After purchasing a wooden float from the gift shop we headed into town (don’t laugh – I am very sure I will never find one on the beach!).




Instagram! Beautiful Crosswalks.

After wandering the streets, and checking out some pretty cool shops – recs inc. Rocanini Coffee Roasters, and Pieces (home decor) on Moncton St., and Steveston Fish on Bayview St.  I love the show ‘Once Upon a Time’ most of which is filmed in Steveston, with some filming done in Fort Langley, so when walking the streets be sure to keep your eyes out for some of the locations from the show!  Sunday night, while watching OUAT we recognized the cannery we had just been in the day before!


Instagram! The perfect office.



Instagram! 3 for $10.


We picked up some de-lish candied salmon at Steveston Fish after wandering the wharfs checking out all the salmon, prawns, and sea urchins that were being sold off the docked boats.  I tried sea urchin once.  Not my thing.  Next time we’ll remember to bring a cooler so that we can get some fresh salmon or halibut off the boats for dinner.  Yum!


On the way home we detoured and explored the Crescent Beach part of South Surrey as well as White Rock and were able to enjoy the heat of the sunshine and beach weather a bit more.

It was the perfect weekend adventure with my sweetie.


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