modern/vintage diy wedding invitations


One of the things I was most looking forward to as part of the planning for our upcoming wedding was definitely the invitations! I love being crafty with paper, colour, textures and fonts and as such this is one of the elements that I put the most work into. Now I’m not a photoshop or Indesign pro (I wish I was) so I ordered a pre-designed, and edited with our info digital download of the invitation and RSVP postcard from Cooper Jane Design on Etsy. I then got them printed and put them each together myself, (with help from my talented fiance of course). I created a simple detail sheet to go with the invitation that provided more information for our guests.

I love brown kraft paper. For some reason I think its rawness speaks to me. It’s simple, pure, natural and ready to be created into something beautiful. I used this for the major elements of the invitation, and love the contrast of the 12″ bright white paper doily, which I cut to wrap around all the sheets. The main invitation itself I matted on a textured mint green cardstock. Lastly I tied the whole package up in a green bakers twine (from my favourite store in Abbotsford Spruce Collective) with a tag embossed with “all you need is love”. The navy envelopes which I also ordered on Etsy from Mind the Wrap, were difficult to write on, but they were just so unique I had to use them. The back flap was made to look like a paper grocery bag.

I definitely recommend putting together invitations of your own instead of buying them, if you have the time. They are a lot more personal and provide a taste of your style. I had so many ideas, and wasn’t sure how to bring them together right away so it took me some time to figure everything out. I also had to order the invitations, envelopes, and doily’s online and wait for them to arrive before I could start the assembling process. I’d love to know what you think! I’ll post an image of the actual invitation in September.





I was terribly excited to send these babies out, and when I finally did the waiting game began. After a loooooong weekend, I finally got answers to – Who will get theirs first?! Will they like them?! Will they be coming to the wedding?!

Perhaps my most favourite element of our invitations was the question on the RSVP postcard “Name a song that is guaranteed to get you on the dance floor”. There have been some interesting answers so far!

IMG_20130327_120803 (3)

19 thoughts on “modern/vintage diy wedding invitations

  1. These are so beautfiul! Sometimes I wish I could get married all over again because there are so many great ideas out there.
    So happy to have found another Canadian Blogger.


    • Thanks for your kind words Pia! It is fun, planning all the big and little details of a wedding. I’m not sure I could handle the stress twice though! Although I’ll admit so far things have been going quite smoothly for us – fingers crossed!

  2. Oh my goodness I am SO smitten with how you put these together!! (I am also in love with Kraft paper) Doileys, twine, and hand stamped = absolute perfection! So happy I could help with the design and wish you the best with the rest of your wedding planning!

  3. Did you keep the information cards separate from the invite or did you keep all the cards together then close with the doily and twine? I want these invites so bad!!! Any advice would be an extreme blessing!!

    Desperately seeking wedding invite!!

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    • Thank you! I bought the doily’s from Etsy, however you can get them at most dollar stores. Mine actually were fairly cheap paper ones. Had I known prior to purchasing, I probably would have looked for better ones. Thanks for your kind words!

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