tod mountain ranch


August 2014 was a busy month for me, perhaps even busier than August 2013 which was the final month before my wedding. This August was full of other wedding related activities such as bachelorette parties, bridal shower and dress fittings for two of my best friends. It’s been a blast to say the least.

The most recent bachelorette party of the two took place at Tod Mountain Ranch near Sun Peaks in BC’s interior.  This dude ranch, which we came to learn was used often in the past to describe a guest ranch (as they are called now), that primarily catered to urbanites or ‘city slickers’, was a setting for what was a great bachelorette getaway. The ranch is situated in the Louis Creek Valley whose surrounding mountains provided incredibly scenic views. The cozy cabins feature hade-made wooden furniture and offer luxuries such as a mini fridge and super soft housecoats.  The main lodge includes a giant square table where guests can sit down with the hosts who provide full (and delicious) meals 3 times a day, a pool table, TV and DVD’s, games and more to entertain you between rides.  The lodge is open 24 hrs, which made it the perfect place for us to YouTube line dancing instructional videos and practice our skills at 1am.

The horses of course, steal the show.  You are matched up with a horse according to experience level, height and weight (and in my case at least it seemed, personality).  I had the pleasure of spending my time at the ranch with Charlie.  Charlie (seen above) was one of the newest horses at Tod Mountain, and the youngest in our group.  His need to be in the lead and his quick pace in combination with his stubbornness meant a perfect match.  We were both happy to take the first spot behind the wrangler, however Charlie’s stubbornness meant I often wandered off instead of waiting for the group to catch up.  By the second day we became fast friends and he seemed to enjoy the trail much more. Below is a collection of photos from our experience at Tod Mountain Ranch.
















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