speculoos (cookie butter) soft bake cookie recipe


I grew up eating dutch treats and foods of all kinds. One of the most popular among us first generation Canadians, were speculaas cookies. They are sooo darn good; I will forever have an addiction to those tasty treats. I was recently introduced to Speculoos cookie spread and what do you know.. there is a plethora of recipes that use it out there. Not only can you spread it on a piece of toast, but you can use it in a variety of desserts too!

The cookies above are super delish, soft and chewy. I followed the recipe from Averie Cooks – you can find it here.


cranberry sauce sour cream muffins

I had a lot of delicious cranberry sauce left over after Thanksgiving dinner that my mom made from scratch. I’ve used it in muffins before, but decided to try a new recipe this time. This recipe from Minnesota Monthly has the cranberry sauce as the middle layer with brown sugar and cinnamon on top. Quite yummy, despite the mess. You can find the recipe here. Continue reading

pie-making: take one


I’ve always wanted to try making a traditional apple pie from scratch, crust and all, and when I recently purchased an apple peeler/corer/cutter I knew I was ready. The machine is awesome. I swear all I want to do is eat apples, and trust me, that’s a big deal. You’ve got to have the right kind though. The bag of Gala’s I bought for the pie are definitely not the kind you want to use with this machine if you want to eat them afterwards. Most of the Gala’s were too soft so they broke apart rather than were sliced apart, but they were still perfect for pie filling.

My all-time favourite kind of apples are BC’s own Ambrosia variety. They are seriously delicious! Anyways, I got up this morning determined to fulfil my desire to bake a pie. I made the crust, mixed up the filling, and as I was about to make more crust because I didn’t think I had quite enough for the top layer, I realized I didn’t have enough shortening, My amazing husband threw on this shoes and raincoat and ran to pick me up some more. The fact that the pie turned out is actually less surprising than my husband jumping up at the mere mention of my ingredient miscalculation to rectify the problem. He saved the pie – and my sanity. Continue reading

st. valentine’s

This year I decided to make a little something for my coworkers for Valentine’s Day. I made individual embossed stamp gift tags that I attached to some mini Lemon Cranberry Nut Loafs (found the recipe online…can’t remember where). There’s not much to explain for this craft, however I thought I would share it anyways.

Lemon Cranberry Nut Loaf

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quick & delicious

So I realize that I’ve been lacking in the blogging department lately, and really my only excuse is that I haven’t done anything interesting enough to write about. I have made a couple new recipes lately that I thought I would share. These recipes are great if you need something to bring to a party quick. Both are super easy to make and in my opinion anyways, delicious!

The first was made for a Super Bowl party I attended last weekend. I found the ‘Chicken Tortilla Cups‘ recipe from Canadian Living online. Continue reading

beer + chocolate

When you’re as big of a chocolate lover as I am you too will be looking for new and interesting things to mix with and add to it. In the debut edition of Foodie Crush, the same magazine that my Baked Pear French Toast recipe came from, I found a recipe for Guinness Brownies! How amazing does that sound? I knew I had to try them. This past weekend I spent a couple days with my Mom and Grandparents. We were expecting the arrival of my Aunt Mieke and other grandparents, I call Oma and Opa for a visit. I decided that this would be a great time to try out this recipe. Mostly I need an occasion to bake something. If I make something super yummy, but definitely not something my bootcamp instructor would approve of, it needs to be “for” someone or else my finance and I will consume it all ourselves. I apologize for the not so great quality photos. My phone was the nearest camera to me, and I’m still trying to make myself remember to photograph the stages. Continue reading

I’m no foodie, but…

Debut Issue

Today I tried out a new recipe. Not something I do a lot of, but once in awhile I have the urge and the confidence to try something new in the kitchen. I received a link to a brand new online foodie magazine before Christmas from a friend. There were so many delicious looking recipes inside I could not wait to cook one of them up for friends and family during the holiday break. Alas… I’ve just now gotten to it. The Magazine is called Foodie Crush, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for some new baking, cooking and drink ideas. The recipe I decided to try was one, “Baked Pear Vanilla French Toast”. Continue reading

holidays, past

I realize that this is either too late or much too early, but I thought I would share some projects I put together for a Halloween Murder Mystery party I hosted in October 2011. We got a game, set the date, invited the suspects, assigned characters and cooked up some spooky treats. Here are some photos from the night.

Mini Vodka Crystal Skull and Paper cupcake sticks

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