glamping essentails

As a followup to my previous post international glamping weekend, below are some essential items for your upcoming glamping trip. The key to any glamorous camping trip is to bring along a few comforts of home. A lidded travel candle, fluffy throw, and comfy cushions are prime examples of how to make your outdoor living excursion just a tad more glamorous.


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international glamping weekend


This week I enjoyed the Spring sunshine and warm weather by getting my skirts and shorts out of the back of the closet, barbequing skewers with some good friends, and sandal shopping at the famous Army & Navy shoe sale. All of these sights and sounds, and yes even smells has filled me with memories and a yearning to do some camping. You may have heard of the ‘glamping’ craze that has become popular lately, but if not…

a form of camping in which participants enjoy physical comforts associated with more luxurious types of holiday
[C21: blend of glamorous + camping]

Now don’t get me wrong, I am a rustic camper through and through. Sorta. Growing up my family had a small old travel trailer that we took on many trips throughout the province of BC, all the way to Winnipeg, and even down to California. Before being inherited by us is was my grandparents’ holiday house taking them, and their four kids all over the place as well. After having a facelift a decade ago, and many years of hard use by numerous members of my family it was finally retired by us and sold to new owners who are hopefully enjoying it as much as we did.

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