doily dreamcatcher d.i.y.


My current obsession is dream-catchers. To be more specific, making my own. There are so many beautiful hand-made versions on Pinterest, and here is my first try. Initially created by the Ojibwe people with a willow hoop and woven net, dreamcatcher’s were meant to filter out bad dreams and let only good ones into the minds of children. When sun rises, the bad dreams disappear. I had a dreamcatcher hanging from my bedroom window as a child, and now I do again. I also think these would make great gifts. The strings could be decorated with items that represent your interests, or you could use traditional decorations such as owl or eagle feathers which represent breath or air, wisdom and courage. Continue reading


groomsmen gifting

It’s nice to live with someone who understands my joy of crafting, and enjoys taking on some d.i.y. projects himself. My husband gladly put together these beautiful wooden gift boxes for his groomsmen himself – I am so proud! He stained wooden craft boxes from Michaels and filled them with a unique bottle of their favourite kind of spirit, an engraved cigar holder, and the boutonniere and socks they were to wear as part of our wedding party.

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my two cents on pinterest

PinterestIf you don’t know what Pinterest is… you’re living under a rock. For those of you cave dwellers who still haven’t caught on to this popular social media site, Pinterest is an online hub of glorious imagery and ideas. It’s a place to safe-keep ideas in the form of images or videos that you want to remember, including most often recipes, crafts, interior design, wedding inspiration and fashion trends. You can search for basically anything you normally would on Google but in a more visual way. I have a few boards that I regularly pin to including ones for style, home, recipes, wedding, and crafts. Compared to most who utilize Pinterest as much as I do, I really don’t ‘pin’ that often. Continue reading

herb harvesting

My herbs and carrots have been coming along nicely, until I noticed flowers blooming on my thyme. Obviously I didn’t cut them soon enough. I decided to cut off the flowers and try to dry the thyme and oregano so that I can use them at a later date and they don’t go to waste.

Collecting Thyme

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my pallet project

So clearly I’ve been absent on this blog for awhile; it’s terrible. I honestly have been busy. Plus I haven’t done a whole lot of making, baking or picture taking these days. Mostly because the cards that I have done, are simpler than usual, which I am really liking, but doesn’t make for good blogging. Also I haven’t been baking lately as my Bootcamp classes and conscience won’t allow it. Picture taking I have done a bit of, and will post on my explorations soon.

Right now however, I am going to share the one project that I have been working on for a few weeks. It took some time to complete. Much more than others in the past. I have recently become addicted to Pinterest. If you don’t know what Pinterest is, it may be wise to stop reading right now. It’s a fantastic site to find and share images. Images of recipes, craft projects, wedding inspiration, or any inspirational photos at all. It’s a great place to find all sorts of interesting ideas, however it is tremendously easy to waste hours away scrolling through these beautiful photos. Continue reading

holidays, past

I realize that this is either too late or much too early, but I thought I would share some projects I put together for a Halloween Murder Mystery party I hosted in October 2011. We got a game, set the date, invited the suspects, assigned characters and cooked up some spooky treats. Here are some photos from the night.

Mini Vodka Crystal Skull and Paper cupcake sticks

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a new edition

The newest tool I now have in my collection is by far my most favourite. The ability to easily cut rounded corners without spending odious amounts of time with the scissors is something I now cannot do without! This little tool that costs a mere $5 should have been purchased a long long time ago.

The little green number is a Paper Shapers Corner Adorner, purchased from Wal Mart for $5. For a little bit more money you can get the fancy Fiskars version at any Michaels craft store. The Fiskars corner punch has two different sizes built into one. Handy.. but I have found it to be more difficult to use and the cutting to be less accurate. For the price and incredible ease of use, I recommend Paper Shapers. Continue reading