inspiring words

I love discovering new inspiration on Pinterest. My boards are chalk full of beautiful and inspirational text that I come across and can’t help but share. Below is a small selection.


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spring equinox


The Spring equinox has come and gone.  The warmth in the air and the sun on my skin has me wondering if the groundhog will prove to be correct this year in his prediction of an early spring.  It’s looking good so far.  I’m on day two of sandals instead of boots.  Many parts of the province are still experiencing negative temperatures, and waist deep snow banks so I will try not to brag too much that this weekend our temperatures are supposed to hit 20 degrees Celsius! (Knock on wood).  Below is a little snapshot of spring/summer inspiration to brighten your day, as it does mine.

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my two cents on pinterest

PinterestIf you don’t know what Pinterest is… you’re living under a rock. For those of you cave dwellers who still haven’t caught on to this popular social media site, Pinterest is an online hub of glorious imagery and ideas. It’s a place to safe-keep ideas in the form of images or videos that you want to remember, including most often recipes, crafts, interior design, wedding inspiration and fashion trends. You can search for basically anything you normally would on Google but in a more visual way. I have a few boards that I regularly pin to including ones for style, home, recipes, wedding, and crafts. Compared to most who utilize Pinterest as much as I do, I really don’t ‘pin’ that often. Continue reading