glamping essentails

As a followup to my previous post international glamping weekend, below are some essential items for your upcoming glamping trip. The key to any glamorous camping trip is to bring along a few comforts of home. A lidded travel candle, fluffy throw, and comfy cushions are prime examples of how to make your outdoor living excursion just a tad more glamorous.


tent lanternboots pillow kitchen candleblanket1blanket2




Okay so this post isn’t about quick garden construction, but a brief highlight of gardening photos I took (and Instagramed) while weeding and planting tulip bulbs in my Mom’s front garden last weekend.  There were a few hours of warm sun between a downpour of a morning, and a strike of hail in the late afternoon.  (I do hope those little bulbs survived…)

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spring equinox


The Spring equinox has come and gone.  The warmth in the air and the sun on my skin has me wondering if the groundhog will prove to be correct this year in his prediction of an early spring.  It’s looking good so far.  I’m on day two of sandals instead of boots.  Many parts of the province are still experiencing negative temperatures, and waist deep snow banks so I will try not to brag too much that this weekend our temperatures are supposed to hit 20 degrees Celsius! (Knock on wood).  Below is a little snapshot of spring/summer inspiration to brighten your day, as it does mine.

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