the first appearance of the singer

This Christmas I received a brand new sewing machine from my Mom! I used to use hers years ago whenever I was feeling crafty and as difficult as I often found sewing I usually still enjoyed it. Now I have all the supplies I need to hem pants, patch holes and start some new sewing projects!

When I was younger I often used old jeans and clothing to make something new. I seem to remember a hideous jean purse I made for myself when I was in high school – thank god my skills have improved slightly since then. A couple years ago I sewed some pillows, which I am actually pretty happy with. Today I decided to put my skills to the test and try to make a scarf which I had seen a few versions of on Pinterest. I didn’t document the process this time as I really didn’t have much confidence in myself. I will provide some photos though and then link back to the original blogs that I took the idea from. Continue reading