conservation, courage, and contemplation


I’m sitting here on Saturday, March 23rd. It’s 8:00pm and I’m enjoying Earth Hour. The candles are lit, popcorn is popped, books are being read all while comfy on the couch with blankets. It’s a cozy night in with my fiance, and I love it. Time to relax, cherish relationships and rekindle memories of simpler times is necessary every once in awhile. Whenever we get caught up in work, endless days that drag on or issues that never seem to go away, I recommend spending some time like this. Even if it isn’t Earth Hour, we could all benefit from using less electricity in our lives – so why not make it a monthly or even weekly occurrence? I think I’ll do it. Start with once a month spending an evening electricity free. That sounds refreshing. I feel more relaxed already

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reading in bed

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Sunday mornings are are made for bedroom snuggles, warm cups of tea, soft pillows and good books. At least that’s how they should be enjoyed. More often than not, my weekend’s become full before they even begin and allotting time for such things just isn’t in the cards.  This Sunday I made time.  Not only because I actually had some, but also because I need to be a more diligent reader.  I love reading.  I love books.  And I love buying books.  Some may say even more than reading them, I like collecting them.  I like their hard covers, and owning full collections.  I love a full bookshelf.  I have one.  However I have not read every book on it.

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