About Me

As a recent graduate and bride living on the west coast, I find myself exploring my surroundings, creating with my hands, and discovering myself, a lot in my spare time. Working in the tourism industry has fostered my desire to travel, have new experiences and to be creative in my everyday life.  Now that our big day is over I have the illusion that I’ll have more time to make crafts, bake and cook, photograph my explorations and hunt for antiques. If indeed I do, I will continue to record my triumphs and tribulations for you to learn from and laugh at.

Cheers, and enjoy!



6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Awesome, Christina! I look forward to your insightful ideas! You are a very creative person, no doubt a portion of that comes from your Mom! Cheers to you for finding the time to do this! Have a wonderful week, especially Tuesday night! It’s your time! Love you, Auntie Fay

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