let the sunshine guide you

Today was one of the first sunny days in what seems like forever. It seemed everyone else thought so too. The streets were buzzing, windows were rolled down and sun-glass covered faces greeted me on every street corner. After so much rain we were finally treated to a much needed warm and bright day. On days such as these, when I have little to nothing planned, one of the first things I decided to do is visit one of my favourite communities – Fort Langley. Today there was so much bustle in the quaint historic village, it felt like the streets were actually alive with a pulsating energy that was being passed on to everyone who discovered its shops, dined at its eateries and wandered its sidewalks. I love these days when I can enjoy the town without anything particular on my mind. I was not looking for a birthday present for anyone, I was not in need of a meal to fill my stomach, I simply just wanted to enjoy the day.


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cheers to the blog

As a recent graduate and bride-to-be living on the west coast, I find myself making, baking and picture taking a lot in my spare time. Working in the tourism industry has fostered my creativity and the urgency of planning a wedding that is now only a year and a half away has got me constantly hunting for new and interesting DIY blogs all over the internet. As I seem to be spending more and more time making crafts, baking and cooking, photographing my life and hunting for antiques, I have decided to record my triumphs and tribulations for you to learn from and laugh at.

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Cheers, and enjoy!