herb harvesting

My herbs and carrots have been coming along nicely, until I noticed flowers blooming on my thyme. Obviously I didn’t cut them soon enough. I decided to cut off the flowers and try to dry the thyme and oregano so that I can use them at a later date and they don’t go to waste.

Collecting Thyme

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my pallet project

So clearly I’ve been absent on this blog for awhile; it’s terrible. I honestly have been busy. Plus I haven’t done a whole lot of making, baking or picture taking these days. Mostly because the cards that I have done, are simpler than usual, which I am really liking, but doesn’t make for good blogging. Also I haven’t been baking lately as my Bootcamp classes and conscience won’t allow it. Picture taking I have done a bit of, and will post on my explorations soon.

Right now however, I am going to share the one project that I have been working on for a few weeks. It took some time to complete. Much more than others in the past. I have recently become addicted to Pinterest. If you don’t know what Pinterest is, it may be wise to stop reading right now. It’s a fantastic site to find and share images. Images of recipes, craft projects, wedding inspiration, or any inspirational photos at all. It’s a great place to find all sorts of interesting ideas, however it is tremendously easy to waste hours away scrolling through these beautiful photos. Continue reading

recycling identity

Being a student in the Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management program at UNBC exposed me to many courses on sustainability, being “green”, as well as global climate change. I’ve always tried to do things as environmentally friendly as possible, which could be what has dictated my crafting identity. Most of the greeting cards that I make are made from cards that I have received over the years. I have always loved getting mail, not bills and junk mail of course, but letters and greetings from friends and family. I have however, never been a huge fan of cards. I mean after your birthday is over, or the Christmas season has come to an end, what do you do with them? I usually feel that they need to be kept and not thrown away as there are kind sentiments written into each one and someone put a lot of thought into writing and sending them to me. However, I find that it’s a shame to keep them hidden in a drawer for no one to see and for me to forget about until the next holiday comes along when I have a whole new pile to add to the drawer. This I believe is why I decided to use these beautiful pieces of card to make new creations. I do hope that I do not offend anyone by chopping up the card they sent me, but I see it as a form of recycling. Making new things out of the old gives me a sense of renewal. It may not be as big as bringing your old electronics to the recycle depot or composting your kitchen waste, but I do stand by the recycling aspect of it all.

Christmas card captions

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