breakfast at mom’s.


One of my favourite weekend activities is visiting Mom. Going home once in awhile for some family time, yummy home cooked meals, board games and dog walks is essential to my happiness. This last weekend my aunt was visiting from Victoria, so we all spent the rainy weekend enjoying each others company nestled under blankets watching movies, playing board games and doing some shopping, all while dealing with an easily excitable post-spay puppy wearing a giant cone, and a jealous protective momma’s girl who growls to keep the puppy at bay.

It was lovely.


in the right place

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From left to right.

Forest walk in Harrison Hot Springs.
Christmas tree sniffing at the office.
First snowfall enjoyment.
Riverside dog walk in Derby Reach.
Ocean tide splashing in Tofino.
Rest time, post snowshoe in North Van.
Frosty walk for breakfast and dog park fun.
Beach playtime at Harrison Lake.